Travel Pillow - Memory Foam

  • ERGONOMIC PRACTICAL DESIGN  - Functional, luxurious and robust the AeroSpa travel cushion has a unique memory foam design that moulds and supports the contours of your head and neck. Tired of uncomfortable inflatables or bean filled travel pillows? We have the answer! The raised curvature allows for 360° support, simply turn 90° for those that position their head to the right or the left. .
  • EXTREMELY SOFT BUT SUPPORTIVE, WAKE UP PAIN FREE - Travelling is an everyday grind for most people, aches, pains and discomfort are common! This stops unnecessary head and neck movement allowing uncomfortable journeys to become a restful tension free enjoyable experience! So relax and prevent strains, eliminate anxiety, support your neck in the best possible way.
  • WHERE TO USE, TRAVEL AND HOME - Work, home or vacations? There's no place you shouldn't feel the comfort of this Travel companion! Whether you're in the office, on a busy train, uncomfortable long plane ride, hot and cramped coach or bus, even as a restless passenger in a car! It really is the ultimate in neck support, guaranteed!
  • EASY TO CLEAN, EXTREMELY BREATHABLE - The deluxe material cover to these pillows is removable and machine-washable, we have also included a protective breathable inner cover. There's no need to worry about stains and marks with these versatile fabrics. Simply put them on a cool wash and hey presto, good as new. 

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